Chapter 635

“What did Alex call that woman just now? Boss? Holy sh*t… I recognize her now. I think she’s Xyla Quest… No wonder she looks so familiar.” “I didn’t know she’s so good at video games. This is why she’s trying to acquire a professional team.” “Come on! Shouldn’t you two be posting on Weibo right now? Don’t chicken out.” “Amigo, you’re a famous anchor. It’s not a big deal to lose a bet, right? Hurry up and post it.” Suddenly, there was a drastic change in the crowd’s attitude toward the three of them. Hugo Clive and the young man had become a target of public criticism. This scandal had left the two with egg on their face. They felt like their faces were being slapped by Xyla Quest, again and again, leaving behind four burning hot cheeks. They both started to regret what they had done earlier. Why did they accept this stupid challenge in the first place? Taking a deep breath, the young man hesitantly logged onto his Weibo account and typed, “@XylaQuest, I’m sorry for despising

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