Chapter 633

Amigo glanced at Xyla Quest’s account. “What’s your tier?” “Silver…” Xyla said. “I’m a Challenger. I feel bad for bullying a Silver player like you,” Amigo said sarcastically. “She boasted so much earlier, but she turns out to only be a Silver player?” “Yeah… I thought she would at least be Platinum or something.” “Pretty lady, what gave you the courage?” The players who gathered around couldn’t resist laughing at Xyla. Xyla ignored them, and she looked at Amigo’s ID before searching for his account and adding him as a friend. After that, she created a ‘1-versus-1’ game and invited Amigo to enter her room. “Pretty lady, you can choose any hero you want…” Amigo said. “You go first,” Xyla said. “Don’t regret it later…” Amigo snorted coldly. With that, he picked Aphelios right away. Meanwhile, Xyla casually chose Ezreal. When Amigo saw the hero Xyla picked, he started laughing. Hugo Clive and the rest of the people around started laughing too… “Xyla, I think you lack knowle

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