Chapter 618

When Georgie Clementine looked at the wedding scene in the game, her heart was full of joy… Some things were truly hard to predict. Before Georgie started playing this game, she told herself that she would only play it casually. She never thought of falling in love or even getting married on the internet. However, without realizing it, all her earlier presumptions were forgone, and the unexpected happened. After circling the city with the entourage of wedding guests, they arrived at a portal to enter to get to their honeymoon destination. Their carriage automatically entered the portal, while other players were kept outside by the system. After entering the portal, they arrived at a luxurious, palace-like place. There were congratulatory decorations in red all over the place, and many red candles were lit. It looked exactly like the kind of place a newlywed couple would spend their first night together. Another message appeared on Georgie’s screen. “Cloud Piercer is inviting yo

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