Chapter 614

“Yes. He’s the most powerful gangster in Country Y. He’s involved in both legal and illegal business, violating countless criminal laws of Country Y. He’ll do anything to achieve his goal,” Stanley Batton said. Xyla Quest was not surprised by his answer. She had already guessed it, more or less. No wonder he was so arrogant. Following that statement, Stanley carried her carefully in his arms and hopped into the helicopter. The rest followed behind him one after another. Zack Cassidy was in charge of flying the helicopter. After everyone had settled down, Zack pulled the controller, and the helicopter gradually ascended. “How did you get him to let you go?” Questions were swimming in Stanley’s mind. Xyla recounted the ins and outs of the whole incident to him. After listening to her explanation, Stanley mumbled, “I didn’t know there’s such a story behind him…” “Yeah… I’m very lucky indeed. Otherwise…” He could feel his scalp prickle, hearing her stutter. Immediately, he st

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