Chapter 611

His men immediately stopped moving. “These guys are so irritating. Drag them all out…” Christopher Lancelot ordered again. Without any delay, his men grabbed the injured henchmen by their limbs and pulled them out of the cabin. After the door clicked shut behind them, the whole world seemed to return to its original, peaceful state. Xyla Quest gazed at Christopher, her eyes filled with curiosity. “Who the hell are you?” The man standing in front of her seemed to be very powerful. However, she had never heard of such an influential guy in Country Z. On top of that, she remembered Ada mentioning something about stocks and business. Could he be a gangster? Were the stocks Ada talked about earlier related to drugs? What about the business? Was it about selling and reselling drugs? “It doesn’t matter what kind of person I am. I’ve avenged you, and that’s all that matters.” Christopher refused to give her a direct answer to her question. “Thank you…” “No worries.” “A few da

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