Chapter 609

In that instant, the words ‘young urban professional’ came to Xyla Quest’s mind. After taking a deep puff at his cigarette, the man looked at Xyla again. This time, however, he was no longer showing any emotions. “Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Christopher Lancelot.” “I’m Xyla Quest,” Xyla said. He took another puff at his cigarette before slowly picking up a remote control and pressing a button on it while pointing it at a large screen. Very soon, surveillance footage of various locations on the cruise ship appeared on the large screen. He directly clicked on the footage showing the deck and put it on full screen. On the deck, Ada could be seen leisurely sitting on a couch while she sipped on a glass of red wine. After emptying her glass, she seemed to be in an even better mood. A large group of men dressed in black with blonde hair and blue eyes stood around her, making it appear as if she was a high and mighty queen. “Xyla Quest, this little b*tch. Her life

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