Chapter 601

#Xyla Quest# was the second most popular topic of the day. Without hesitation, she tapped on her name and read the article earnestly. The first thing that came into her sight was a Weibo post uploaded by a little girl called Twinkly Star. The post was about a group of fans mistaking Sharon Lindt, Catherine Batton, and her for Sasaeng fans. The whole incident was described in great detail. The girl did not forget to butter up Josh Batton, Catherine, Sharon and her at the end of the post, praising them for their kindness and their looks. The following comment section had gone haywire too. “When did Xyla Quest and Josh Batton become so close to each other? Is she meeting his family already? I’m so envious of her.” “I’ve always dreamed of hanging out with Josh and his family. I can’t believe Miss Xyla is living my dreams. I’m so sad.” “Sometimes I wonder whether Xyla will be together with Josh if she hasn’t gotten married. They look really cute together.” “Why is Xyla so lucky?

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