Chapter 597

Sensing that something was amiss with Stanley Batton, Xyla Quest immediately tried to push him away and get up. However, it was far too late. Before she could get up, Stanley flipped her over on the bed and pressed his body against her. Rays of sunlight seeped into the room, making everything seem warm and pleasant. In the brightly lit room, the two began getting intimate once again. *** At seven o’clock in the evening, Xyla arrived at Atlantis Stadium with Wilson Batton, Catherine Batton, and Sharon Lindt. This was the place where Josh Batton’s concert was held. Although the concert would only begin in an hour’s time, there was already a huge crowd outside Atlantis Stadium. Apart from fans who were here for the concert, many reporters also stood around with cameras in their hands. Every fan had a banner with Josh’s name on it, and they were also wearing light blue glow sticks around their forehead. Everybody knew that light blue was Josh’s favorite color, and wearing it mean

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