Chapter 589

Josh Batton managed a faint smile. “Let’s continue with the interview…” On the other side, Xyla Quest was quietly reading the news using Stanley Batton’s phone after ending her call with Josh. Stanley reached out to her. Obediently, Xyla freed her right hand and held his, their fingers intertwined tightly. Very soon, Stanley’s car had arrived at the main entrance of the Unconscious Bar. The bar was very lively at this hour. Numerous people were walking in and out of the bar, bustling the night with noises and excitement. The luxury cars in front of the bar were as spectacular as those in a car show. After the two of them got out of the car, they went into the bar together hand-in-hand. The bar was super crowded inside. Music was blasting through the speakers, and fancy lights were flashing in all directions. The music played over the dance floor as if it had fused the bodies, hearts pounding to the crazy beats like they belonged to the music. Everyone in the bar was hyped up.

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