Chapter 583

The two of them were the center of attention. After taking a few steps forward, Xyla Quest suddenly felt an ache in one of her heels, causing her to frown immediately. However, she didn’t say a word and continued to walk next to Stanley Batton. Stanley happened to have caught her micro expression. “What’s the matter?” Xyla shook her head. “It’s nothing. I guess the high heels must have scraped against my foot.” “Which one?” Stanley asked. “The right one,” Xyla said. Stanley instantly kneeled in front of her and carefully lifted her right leg by holding her right ankle. He then carefully examined her heel. He could see a large bruise on her heel. The skin on it had torn, and its surrounding was swollen. His action once again attracted everyone’s attention… “Why are you only telling me now?” Stanley asked. “It didn’t hurt before we came down,” Xyla said. Stanley didn’t say anything else. Instead, he directly carried her in his arms. When the surrounding employees saw how Sta

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