Chapter 581

Stanley Batton quickly answered the call. “Are you two coming home for a meal? In that case, can you ask Xyla what she wants to eat? I’ll start preparing right away…” Sharon Lindt sounded awfully excited and joyful. “Okay. I’ll ask her,” Stanley said. “Also, ask Xyla what she wants to drink. Does she want red wine or something else? If she wants red wine, ask her what brand she likes. I’ll have to get it aired out in advance,” Sharon added. “Why didn’t you ask me what I wanted to drink?” Stanley asked jokingly. “How does that have anything to do with me? Xyla is our most precious sweetheart now…” Sharon said. At that moment, Stanley felt as if Sharon was more like Xyla’s mother than his. He couldn’t help but smile a little. “I get it. I’ll ask her.” “Get back to me on WeChat right after asking her, okay? You know what? Forget it. I’ll call Xyla myself. You don’t have to do it,” Sharon said. “Xyla is gaming now. You shouldn’t call and interrupt her,” Stanley said. “Fine. Ask h

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