Chapter 577

“I think she should look at least as pretty as Xyla Quest, right?” “Don’t beat around the bush, you all. Just say that you’re jealous of Xyla Quest because she can be friends with Josh Batton.” Xyla Quest did not notice it, but her soft lips had stretched to a smile again as she scrolled through the comment section. After briefly reading a couple more comments, she exited the app and glanced at Stanley Batton. “Speaking of which, let’s go to your parents’ house tonight. I want to talk to Dad.” Stanley’s eyes were brimmed with curiosity. “Why? What’s the matter?” “Here’s the thing. Your brother came to me this morning, hoping that I could do him a favor. He asked me to persuade Dad to go to his concert… He wants to prove to Dad that his job isn't just about looking handsome… He wants him to notice his hard work,” explained Xyla. “Okay, then. We’ll have dinner at my place tonight,” Stanley said. “Alright, sure.” Stanley decided to pull up by the roadside when he passed by a bubbl

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