Chapter 573

When the two of them stepped into the house, May Conner and Jeremy Quest were sitting on the sofa and enjoying their Chinese tea. The same gentle smile appeared on both their faces as soon as they noticed the lovebirds’ presence in the living room. However, Xyla Quest could always feel a chill of eeriness in the air no matter how gentle May tried to smile. Xyla returned the elders with a polite smile as she walked up to them, her hands tightly holding to the stunning man beside her. Stanley Batton placed the two boxes of cordyceps in front of Jeremy. “Dad, this is for you.” “Thank you, Stan… There are still plenty of tonics and supplements at home, so please don’t waste any more money on them.” Jeremy picked up one of the boxes and studied it carefully. Though Jeremy did not show it, he was delighted to receive a gift from his daughter and son-in-law, just like any other parents out there. Looking at their touched and happy faces, May felt very much like an outsider. Her mood w

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