Chapter 563

Xyla Quest immediately nodded. She felt the same way too. “Alright. Let’s not talk about this. You don’t have to worry, alright?” Stanley Batton ruffled her hair affectionately again. Xyla nodded before turning up the music in the car. Coincidentally, a song that Stanley sang before, ‘From Now On’, was playing. “From now on, be there wild winds or calmness, poverty or wealth, you will always be in the bottom of my heart and my eyes.” The original singer’s voice made the song sound very good. Coupled with the moving lyrics, it made Xyla’s heart feel warm. However, she still felt that Stanley’s rendition of it was the best. “I think that you sing better than him,” Xyla said with a chuckle. “Oh?” Stanley turned to look at Xyla with a seemingly faint smile on his face. Although the view outside was very pretty, Xyla found Stanley way more attractive. In that instant, she felt as if she would soon drown in his eyes. “Hmm… So, can you sing it for me?” Xyla turned the music off. S

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