Chapter 560

Xyla Quest enjoyed the food served today very much, especially the plum braised ribs. It tasted amazing. Her appetite was much better before too. Noticing her love for the ribs, Stanley Batton reached for the ribs and fed her intimately. When the crowd saw the pair’s sweet interaction, jealousy began to stir in their hearts again. Jeremy Quest looked at them with a satisfied expression etched on his face. “Gee, how good it is to be young…” Memories of him feeding Xyla’s mother when they were young flashed in his mind. Xyla smiled at her father. “Daddy, why aren’t you eating?” Jeremy teased her. “I’m already full from looking at you lovebirds. What kind of sweet love is this?” “Daddy, hurry up and eat something,” said Xyla, embarrassed. “Alright, I will. Stan, have some food as well. She’s not handicap. She can eat with her own hands,” Jeremy joked again. However, Stanley did not say anything. He gave Jeremy a polite smile and continued to feed Xyla. “Aye, when will a sweet r

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