Chapter 556

The man’s eyes were full of tenderness, unlike when he was in the hall with the others just now. A mischievous smile blossomed on Stanley Batton’s face. From Xyla Quest’s angle, she could vaguely see the red mark under his collar. He looked exceptionally sexy and flirty with it. Xyla could feel her heart racing like a little girl who had fallen in love for the first time. A flutter of electricity ran through her body. Her blush had spread across her face, all the way to her neck. Her hands were wrapped around Stanley as she looked around them and frowned. “Stop it. There are people walking in and out from time to time. Don’t act like a pervert here.” The man’s eyes gradually became ambiguous. “What’s wrong with that if the target is my wife?” “Nasty.” Xyla’s face turned red again. “Hurry up and be honest with me. What happened to our marriage license? When did you get it on your phone?” “This morning. Grandpa told me that he added a picture of us onto our marriage license, so

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