Chapter 554

If Bailey Ronson hadn’t spewed those nonsensical things, the Sullivan family wouldn’t have gotten into so much trouble. What if all the banks stopped providing the Sullivan family with loans in the future? What would they do? When Bailey saw how upset Tony Sullivan seemed, she didn’t dare to say a word. In fact, she was even careful not to breathe too loudly. Everyone else around him behaved the same way. After the performances on the stage ended, Jeremy Quest held May Conner’s hand and walked onto the stage. He was preparing to give a speech. Meanwhile, the people who surrounded Xyla Quest and Stanley Batton quickly returned to their seats and looked at the stage. After Jeremy had thanked a bunch of people involved, it was now time for the donation drive. Guests got ready with their enlarged copies of cheques before going on stage one after another. Once the other guests were done with their donations, Stanley held Xyla’s hand and walked up to Jeremy and May. He took a golden

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