Chapter 546

“No.” Stanley Batton averted his gaze back to the red wine glass on his hand. He slowly swirled the wine glass a couple of times before taking a sip of the red wine from the glass. Walking up to the old man, Bailey Ronson greeted him with a bright smile on her face. “Welcome, Mr. Henry. Please come in with me. I’ll introduce the organizer of the charity dinner, Mr. Jeremy Quest, to you.” The old man nodded in agreement. Without wasting any time, Bailey led Mr. Henry to Jeremy Quest’s seat. She patted Jeremy’s shoulder lightly and said, “President Quest, let me introduce you to my friend whom I’ve mentioned earlier, Mr. Henry. Mr. Henry has been doing charity for many years.” Henry… Jeremy had read about him in the newspaper before. He was the owner of the largest wine estate in Country Y. Also, he was a very well-known philanthropist. Realizing the man’s impressive background, Jeremy stood up instantly and politely reached out for a handshake. “Hello, Mr. Henry. I’m Jeremy Quest

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