Chapter 53

“He said he wanted to rely on himself,” said Xyla. Jeremy’s eyes were filled with approval. “He seems like a fine young man. Bring him home next time so I can meet him.” “Okay,” replied Xyla, nodding. Emily chimed in, “When?” To find out whether or not Xyla was lying, Emily would just have to interrogate her so-called husband when the time came. If the man had no medical knowledge, that would mean he was lying. Xyla would be done for! She firmly believed that the day when Xyla would shoot herself in the foot was near. “Why don’t you get Brother-in-law to come to my wedding? It’s the wedding of your only sister, there’s no reason for Brother-in-law not to attend, right?” Emily pressed on, not giving Xyla any opportunity to drop the subject. Xyla answered casually, “Sure.” “Alright then. I’ll be heading to the company,” said Jeremy. He patted Xyla’s hand affectionately before leaving the house. Xyla had no time to spare for the mother-daughter duo either. She got up, abo

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