Chapter 537

When Xyla Quest clicked on the list of trending topics, she discovered that Ada, Skyview Hotel, and the incident of her scolding Ada was still on it. In fact, the top ten headlines on Weibo were still related to them. While scrolling through the headlines, Xyla noticed a new topic in forty-seventh place. ‘#Ada apologizes#’. She immediately tapped on the link. The first thing that came into sight was a letter of apology Ada had recently published. “I would like to express my sincerest apology for my wrongful behavior against Xyla Quest and all of Country Z’s citizens last night. I truly am sorry. From now on, I will be very careful with what I say and do. On top of that, I just want to say that I had actually lost control of my emotions last night, and that’s why I said those nonsensical things. To be honest, I personally love Country Z a lot. That’s why I have chosen to establish my hotel here. From today on, I will watch what I say and do, and I’ll prove how much I love Country Z

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