Chapter 533

As soon as Xyla Quest posted the video, countless netizens viewed it. Within seconds, the tides had turned. Her Weibo post received over a hundred thousand comments within a minute. “Ahhh. Xyla Quest is so cool. I’m very impressed by how you insulted that woman. You are our generation’s favorite representative of a patriotic citizen. Ada, come out and apologize right now.” “I’m so, so, so sorry. Xyla Quest, you are amazing.” “My neighbor was there when it happened. She said Xyla Quest was amazing. Moreover, she looked extremely beautiful in person.” “I love you, Xyla Quest. You are pretty and have a great personality. I’m sorry for saying those terrible things about you, along with the others. Please accept my apology.” “After watching this video, I became so upset that my body turned cold. Ada, can you please get the hell out of the country?” “On a side note, the man next to Xyla Quest looks like her husband, doesn’t he? Isn’t he very handsome? He looks like Josh Batton.” Xyla

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