Chapter 512

Scanning the restaurant, Tom Sullivan managed to catch sight of Xyla Quest in no time. Without hesitation, he headed straight for the window where Xyla was standing. Xyla, who had already noticed Tom, whispered into her phone. “I’ll get back to you later, Georgie…” Following that statement, Xyla hung up the phone and directly headed back to the private room with a light scowl as she walked. However, Tom grabbed Xyla’s arm when she passed by him, stopping her from walking further. Even if it was just a slight contact with him, Xyla felt extremely disgusted by it. “What do you want?” she asked cold-heartedly. “Xyla, let’s have a chat…” Tom added, “I apologize to you for everything I’ve done previously… I behaved that way because I thought you orchestrated all the terrible things that happened to my family and me. I did that in the heat of the moment. “After all, I’ve got my punishment too. Can you forgive me now?” Tom blurted out everything that was on his mind, “I have hurt yo

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