Chapter 505

“Have you forgotten what day it is today?” Stanley Batton asked. Xyla Quest immediately took her phone out and checked the time… It was 1st of April, her birthday. Xyla had been so busy recently that she had actually forgotten her birthday. Although she had forgotten all about it, Stanley clearly remembered it. “I forgot…” Xyla said. “Silly girl. Happy birthday,” Stanley said and ruffled her head gently before holding her hand tightly. Peach blossom petals fell on top of their heads, shoulders, and their shoes like snowflakes. “Thank you,” Xyla said. After half an hour, the fireworks display was still going on. “Should we watch it from the balcony?” Stanley turned around and looked at her face. “How long do you plan to keep this going?” Xyla asked. “Until you’re sick of it,” Stanley answered. “These fireworks are so beautiful. I wouldn’t get sick of them even when the sky turns bright,” she said. “Then, we’ll keep them going until the sky turns bright,” he said. “Stop me

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