Chapter 503

Xyla Quest had only eaten not too long ago. Frankly, she wasn’t feeling very hungry. However, she didn’t say anything and instead followed Catherine Batton into the bathroom to wash their hands. Once they were done, Catherine joyfully tugged her along. “Sister-in-law, I’m so glad that I can finally address you as that in public. I’m also very sorry for not telling you the truth before this.” “Alright, stop mentioning these things. I have already said that I understand.” Xyla affectionately pinched Catherine’s cheek. With a chuckle, Catherine dragged Xyla into the dining room. By then, everyone else had already washed their hands and were seated at the dining table. When Stanley Batton saw Xyla entering, he immediately stood up and pulled a chair out for her before moving her closer to himself. There was a full table of dishes with all imaginable varieties, and they all looked and smelled good. Although Xyla was already full, her mouth still salivated when she saw these delicious

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