Chapter 499

Even until now, Xyla Quest still found it unrealistic that the man she fell in love with just happened to be her husband. “Look… I really can’t have them. I’m not short on money.” “Yes, you are.” “I told you I’m not.” “That’s it. I assume you are. Just keep properly what’s given to you, okay? Stop being so dumb and silly.” insisted Stanley Batton assertively, though his tone remained gentle as usual. Xyla scowled with dissatisfaction. “Excuse me? Who’s dumb and silly?” “You.” “You’re the one who’s dumb, okay?” Xyla refused to comply with him. “All the stuff that I mentioned just now will be yours by noon today. You can do whatever you want with them.” “You’re just like an insolent fellow.” She had never seen anyone like him, forcing her to receive the gifts without even caring about her opinion. As she spoke, her stomach started rumbling. The aromas of food wafting through the air, all the way from the kitchen into her nose, making her feel extremely hungry. Embarrasse

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