Chapter 485

Stanley Batton, who sat next to Xyla Quest, calmly and slowly ate a mouthful of noodles. “I’m glad you like it.” “I love it, Five Batton. You are definitely the best cook among the men I’ve met,” Xyla complimented. It seemed like there was nothing Stanley couldn’t do well. Everything he did, he did it perfectly. “Hurry up and eat. After dinner, go to bed,” he said. Xyla nodded and continued to eat her bowl of noodles. She alternated between a mouthful of soup and a mouthful of noodles. Every mouthful warmed her heart and stomach. “Your noodles taste very good,” Xyla said while she ate. After that, Xyla’s face turned red again. Her choice of words seemed to sound… A little problematic. “Really?” Stanley’s eyes glistened playfully. Xyla coughed awkwardly. “The noodles you made taste really good. Don’t overthink.” “Wasn’t that what you meant? Did you mean something else?” He asked. “I…” Xyla’s red had turned red all over by now. Even her ears felt piping hot. What was goi

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