Chapter 47

When May Conner saw what Emily Quest did, she immediately snatched the wine glass away from Emily. May tapped Emily on her arm. “My child, are you mad? Since you are pretending to be pregnant, you should act the part. Why are you drinking? What if your dad or other people see you?” Emily frowned unhappily before she looked around. “It’s late already. Everyone has gone to sleep. Who would see me? Besides, I’m not that unlucky.” “Please be careful!” May said seriously. “I know,” Emily snorted coldly. She appeared fully confident. Outside, a red Maserati came to a halt in the courtyard. Exhausted, Xyla Quest gave her forehead a pinch before she unbuckled her seatbelt. However, instead of getting out of the car immediately, she plopped down into her seat and zoned out. Ever since the preparations for the property launch started, she had been working overtime. She continuously motivated herself to keep working hard. Now that she had accomplished her goal and was completely exhausted, she ap

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