Chapter 475

“What’s the deal? Huh? Tell Grandpa…” Flustered, Ron Batton tried to pry the details out of her. Xyla Quest shook her head. “It doesn’t matter.” She did not want to give him any trouble since today was his birthday. It would be more appropriate for her to tell him the truth tomorrow. However, Ron insisted on pursuing the matter. “That’s not true, there must be something wrong with you. I know you very well. Are you afraid of giving me trouble because it’s my birthday today? Come on, tell Grandpa! You’re the one giving me a hard time if you refuse to tell me your problems.” Xyla, yet, shook her head once more while trying to maintain her calm facade. “You’re imagining things. I’m just excited to see you because we haven’t met for a very long time.” “Lies… Be honest with me!” Ron demanded as his face went dark again. “Did your sister bully you again? Or it is someone else?” “No one bullied me, Grandpa. You’re overthinking.” “Why are you so down then? You must’ve something on yo

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