Chapter 462

After he was done talking, the leading police officer directly pushed Mary Sullivan out of the ward. Mary quickly turned around and looked at Bailey Ronson. “Mother, you mustn’t let my father find out about this.” Bailey nodded before looking for the contact number of Sullivan Group’s in-house lawyer, Logan Dankworth, on her phone. She directly called him after that. “Hello, Logan, I need your help.” With that, Bailey quickly ran him through what Mary did and asked him to keep it a secret. “I will keep it a secret, Madam…” Logan immediately said. “Logan, you must get Mary out of that place as soon as possible.” Bailey felt her heart ache when she thought about how Mary had to be in the police station despite being in such a poor physical state. “Don’t worry. Since Catherine Batton isn’t a prominent individual, it’ll only take a short while to get Mary out of there,” Logan said. *** When Mary arrived at the police station, she coincidentally bumped into Logan. As soon as Mary s

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