Chapter 45

After the contracts were signed, the ladies proceeded to make their respective payments. The entire process took less than an hour. Once everyone had made their payments, Sharon Lindt got up from the couch and held Xyla Quest’s hand affectionately. “Are you tired, my sweet child?” Xyla was very touched by Sharon’s affectionate attitude. She immediately smiled and answered, “I’m not tired, Aunty. Are you tired?” Not only were these people rich, but they were also extremely nice to her. Xyla liked them a lot. “I’m not tired. When I see you, all my tiredness simply vanishes.” Sharon’s eyes were filled with joy. Xyla smiled shyly. “You’re making me feel embarrassed.” “It’s true. After all, you really do look good.” Sharon held Xyla’s hand tightly, almost as if she was Xyla’s crazy fan. Emily Quest, who overheard the conversation by the door, rolled her eyes with jealousy. “Thank you, Aunty. You look great too. Your skin and body are very well taken care of.” Xyla was slightly surprised by

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