Chapter 455

That was because Xyla Quest had seen Catherine Batton in a picture before. Catherine was Five Batton’s younger sister. Xyla was just very surprised by her arrival. Catherine was youthful, lively, and adorable. Xyla liked her very much since the first time she saw her. “What did you call me?” Mary Sullivan asked angrily. Mary looked at Catherine’s face intently and realized she looked a little familiar. Upon a closer look, it occurred to Mary that this was the woman involved in a scandal with Xyla’s husband. What was going on? As a homewrecker, why did this girl come to Xyla’s ward on her initiative? Why was she even defending Xyla? “Darling, if your ears aren’t working, I suggest you donate them. You are already in such a sorry state, but you still won’t stop causing trouble. You’re Mary Sullivan, aren’t you? The one who was trending online for wearing counterfeit stuff to show off, right?” Catherine’s large, lively eyes blinked as she carefully examined Mary’s face. There was s

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