Chapter 452

“According to the news source, the girl Stanley Batton dated is named Catherine Batton. Despite sharing the same last name, they are not siblings. “Catherine is the only child in her family and is currently studying abroad. The editor guesses that Xyla Quest only said Catherine is Stanley’s sister because Xyla is trying to protect her reputation.” Long lines of text came into sight right away. Below the text was information related to Catherine Batton. Xyla’s frown deepened as she calmly looked at Stanely’s face. She didn’t believe a single word written in the news article. In fact, she felt even more certain that somebody was trying to stir things up behind the scene. “Someone said she isn’t your biological sister,” Xyla said. “Do you believe that?” Stanley asked calmly as he looked at her. Xyla shook her head. “Of course not. You have no reason to lie to me,” she said. Stanley smiled faintly. “Somebody must have done a background check on her.” “You don’t have to explain.

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