Chapter 447

Stanley felt the corners of his lips curve into a faint smile. “Xyla you fool… That’s my blood-related sister.” On the other side of the line, Xyla Quest froze for a brief moment. “…What? Sister?” “Who else could she be? You and my sister are the only ones who I ever behave kindly toward,” Stanley chuckled, a hint of playfulness in his eyes. Xyla’s heart was suddenly at ease with just that simple explanation. “She’s just returned from overseas a few days ago. We went shopping that day and had a meal together. I only have one sister and she rarely returns so it was normal for me to want to visit her while she was here.” Xyla continued to be speechless. The heavy chains that had been binding her heart for the past few days were quickly disintegrating. Slowly, she felt her breath return to her. So when they were eating together that day, it was his sister calling? He had just been accompanying his sister all this time and she wasn’t his girlfriend? How did such a major m

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