Chapter 43

Although Emily Quest had spent so much money on Josh Batton, she never received this kind of treatment from him. Each time, she could only look at Josh from afar. Now, Xyla was able to do something Emily could only dream about with ease. What right did Xyla have to do that? After the ribbon was cut, Josh proceeded to leave while Xyla walked into the sales gallery behind her with a group of people. When Emily saw this, she hurriedly got out of her car and made her way through the crowd to the sales gallery. Emily was here to watch Xyla get embarrassed and see how downtrodden Xyla would be once she realized the harsh reality. Suddenly, the sales gallery became packed. When Xyla saw that the salespeople were fully occupied, she decided to join them as she began introducing the property’s information to customers. Emily watched with disdain. However, instead of moving closer, she stayed by the door and observed silently. ‘So what if there are a lot of people? They are just here to enjoy th

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