Chapter 438

Stanley’s frown remained. “It’s that simple?” “Apparently.” “And you’re telling me that Zack Cassidy was not involved in this at all?” “Zack knows about this?” Catherine asked as she tried to fake a surprised voice. “Forget about it. Don’t involve yourself in my relationship in future.” “Alright, Fifth brother.” After hearing Catherine’s response, he hung up the phone. His eyes reflected an onslaught of complicated feelings on his mind. He stopped his car before a red traffic light. He stared at the traffic light as his finger tapped on the steering wheel. Noah was innocent all along? If it wasn’t Noah, then what could she have meant with ‘misunderstandings’? From Catherine’s investigation, it sounded as if Noah was being truthful about it. Xyla truly had no feelings for Noah? Was it really true as he explained it? What on earth could she have meant by ‘cause misunderstandings’? Bzz… bzz... His thoughts were momentarily cut off by the sound of his phone ringi

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