Chapter 435

Before Xyla could say no, Noah was already trying to find the kitchen. “I’m fine Noah, there’s no need to worry about me. You can attend to your personal matters now.” “Well alright… I’ll be taking my leave first then,” said Noah, smiling as he stood up. While this was happening, a black Honda pulled up to the front of the house. In the car, Stanley Batton gave a cold stare toward Georgie Clementine who was busy directing the workers as they carried Xyla's belongings into the house. He then elegantly stepped out of his car. Slipping on some house slippers, he quickly headed to the living room. Once he saw Noah, his eyes darkened. Seeing Stanley, he bowed respectfully. He knew that Stanley and Xyla were on bad terms so he kept his mouth shut. Stanley ignored Noah entirely and walked over to Xyla. “You’ve already been discharged from the hospital. Why was I not notified about this?” He had immediately rushed to the hospital after his meeting earlier. He wanted to be th

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