Chapter 417

With her race car’s engine roaring, Xyla Quest couldn’t hear what Mary Sullivan said at all. Through her rearview mirror, Xyla could see Mary’s twisted facial expression and how mad she appeared. After blandly raising her eyebrows, she quickly calmed down before searching for a contact on her phone named ‘Diana’ and made a call right away. “I need a favor…” Xyla said softly. “What is it?” The woman didn’t sound very fluent in Chinese. *** Outside the door, Mary clenched her fists tightly while she cursed at Xyla. After some time, she got into her car. She then stepped on the accelerator, driving so fast that it felt as if her car had turned into a rocket. Since she had nowhere to vent her anger, she could only do so by driving furiously. When she was approaching a junction with a traffic light, the light happened to turn red. Mary brought the car to a direct halt. Buzz, buzz, buzz… Right then, Mary’s phone suddenly began to vibrate. She immediately took it out of her handbag

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