Chapter 389

“This, I helped Aunty to bid.” Xyla Quest said. “It’s pretty isn’t it” “Yeah.” Stanley Batton quietly looked at the set of jewelry, “You like it?” “Yeah I like it.” Xyla stared at the set of jewelry, her eyes full of joy. He said nothing and quietly looked at Xyla’s beautiful face. After looking at the items for a while, Xyla unwillingly put them away and closed the boxes. She then turned to look at Stanley. After some thought, she realized that her earlier judgement may be wrong. If the fifth master was some son of a rich person, what he wore and used would be famous brands and not some unknown cheap brand. Even the house he lived in before this, it’s impossible for him to live in such a small house. His car won’t be a black Honda either. He also had no reason to hide his identity and stay by her side. If he was such a high-profile person, why would he waste his time doing this? Maybe the reason why Sebastian Brenand was treating Stanley with respect is because the boss he is

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