Chapter 387

Rebecca Robin said as she added Xyla Quest in WeChat. “Alright, let’s meet up again next time.” Xyla nodded. “Okay…” Xyla wanted to hangout with Rebecca again from the bottom of her heart, it was not a courtesy call. She had a good first impression of Rebecca. From the night’s experience, she had a good feeling about Rebecca. She could feel that Rebecca was only full of good intentions towards her, so she was happy to have become her friend. “Alright, it's settled! I’ll take my leave now, bye…” Rebecca said as she was being protected by bodyguards that escorted her to a black Rolls-Royce. After watching Rebecca leave, Xyla turned towards her car and prepared to leave. “Xyla… Were you proud of yourself today?” Mary Sullivan’s voice rang behind Xyla. Xyla could not help but frown as she turned towards Mary… At this moment, Mary was only one meter away from her, standing on the steps. Mary was looking down at Xyla from the steps proudly, her hands crossed. Her eyes were full of d

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