Chapter 385

Xyla Quest was even more stupefied. To use three hundred million to buy a set of jewelry does not seem possible for a person like Sebastian Brenand. As she was looking at their backs, Xyla was extremely confused, her mind full of questions. What is going on exactly? Or does Sebastian’s identity is not as she thought? Maybe, he’s a son of a rich and powerful person? If that was the case, why does he act like Five Batton is superior to him? Five is just a gangster. What capabilities did he have, to make a rich and powerful person’s son bow to him? Or maybe, Five’s real identity is superior to Sebastian’s. Or Five actually was not a gangster, but rather some super powerful person? Xyla thought that it was impossible, since why would Stanley Batton cooperate with her if he was someone this powerful? He would not have the time. But if Five Batton is not some powerful person, what exactly is this situation? At this moment, she could not think of an explanation… After Sebastian go

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