Chapter 380

As Xyla Quest was sitting with the vice president’s wife, she was the most prominent person in the room. The crowd’s attention would always fall on them from time to time. Since the auction had not started yet, those who were the upper echelons of the society tend to come over to greet Rebecca Robin by turns. In addition to responding to their greetings politely, Rebecca would also introduce Xyla to them. Some of these people were even the prestigious blue bloods among the rich and bigwigs. All of them were courteous to Xyla because of Rebecca’s presence as well as her own beauty. There were even some dignitaries who took the initiative to ask for Xyla’s WeChat. As a result, Xyla Quest could be said to be the illustrious and most celebrated in the crowd at the moment. There was not a single lady in the room who did not envy her, including Mary Sullivan. Mary was going to fly off the handle when she looked at how complacent Xyla was. Why was Xyla so lucky? She was lucky

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