Chapter 377

“Is this girl trying to cover up her weakness by insulting others? Ridiculous.” The noblewomen started whispering around them. Mary Sullivan felt as her face was being slapped by them several times without mercy. She was abashed and annoyed at the same time. She glared at Xyla Quest fiercely and yelled, “I might know nothing… but I’m still allowed to come, right? No one says that people who are ignorant about antiques cannot come, right? I’m here to pick up men just because I don’t know any better? Can’t it be anything else? Can’t I come to learn?” “Eat your own words, girl. When you questioned my lack of knowledge of antiques, you clearly said that people who don’t know anything about antiques are here for gold-digging. How come you’re allowed to learn when it comes to you? Mary Sullivan, you’re pretty double standard, eh?” Xyla was in no hurry to fight her back. She dropped her eyes on her right hand when she finished her sentence and flicked her nails. Mary was totally speech

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