Chapter 371

“You… Who are you? How dare you speak to me like that?” Mary Sullivan asked through gritted teeth. After that, Mary carefully examined this woman who sat across from her. Although this lady was dressed in expensive clothing from head to toe, the white cashmere sweater she wore was from the previous season’s design of a major brand. Hence, Mary was sure that this woman was not exactly an ultra-rich person. She might be wealthy, but not that wealthy. “I’m someone you can never compare to. Do you have an opinion on that? Keep it to yourself,” Sharon Lindt said before her smile widened. Sharon’s eyes now looked like crescent moons because of her widened smile. When Xyla Quest heard how Sharon dissed Mary, she felt secretly pleased. Her mood suddenly improved. Xyla was beginning to like Aunty Lindt more and more. Not only was she good-looking, but she had a lovely personality too. Now, Mary felt thoroughly provoked. She clenched her fists tightly and looked at Sharon. “What is your

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