Chapter 367

Xyla Quest immediately turned around to look at Georgie Clementine. “Georgie, ask them to come out for a chat…” After that, Xyla turned around and returned to the living room. She then sat on a soft beige-colored couch. Very soon, Georgie walked over to Xyla with Jay Corben and Morty Wayne by her side. Georgie naturally sat down next to Xyla and pointed at the couch across from her while looking at the two men. “Sit down…” The two of them directly sat down across Georgie and Xyla. “Chief Clementine, why did you ask us to come here?” Jay got straight to the point. “Nothing much. This pretty lady over here has something to say to you two,” Georgie said and pointed at Xyla next to her. Xyla looked gently at them. “You two have performed very well. Keep up the good work. You must get rid of your pride and anger and keep working hard. I have very high hopes in the both of you,” she said. The two of them nodded in unison. “You are both from X Entertainment. I hope you can look after

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