Chapter 352

At eight o’clock, Xyla Quest and Stanley Batton walked into Room 88 in Silver International Hotel, where her class reunion was held. There were four large round tables in the room, and every table was already filled up. Looking around, Xyla recognized everyone inside. Some of them had gained weight, while others had lost weight. Some of them still looked the same. Some wore clothes from well-known brands, while others wore the most ordinary clothes. The moment Xyla saw them, memories of her third year in high school began to appear in her mind, and she suddenly felt very nostalgic and emotional. These people were witnesses of Xyla’s grimmest period when she was fat and ugly. Apart from one person who made fun of her, no one else did, and they had even stood up for her when things like that happened. From what Xyla recalled, her third year in high school was filled with heart-warming memories. After looking around at everyone, Xyla’s gaze landed upon a woman wearing a black, f

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