Chapter 346

Ring ring ring… Jeremy Quest’s call came in. Xyla Quest answered his call immediately. “Hi, Daddy.” “Xyla, I’m going to bring your sister out. My heart aches so badly when I look at her, I can’t sleep all night long.” “No matter what, she’s still my daughter, can you understand Daddy, Xyla?” Jeremy’s voice was a little hoarse. Xyla could feel that he was in pain and anxiety even through the phone. Her heart wrenched badly when she heard her father’s voice. The tip of her nose, too, was sore. “Yeah, I understand.” she closed her eyes as she let out a heavy sigh. Cough...Cough…“Xyla, it’s great that you understand. Don’t worry, your position in the Quest family will never change even if Emily is released. I’ll give my company to you, everything I own will be yours.” Jeremy coughed as he spoke on the phone. “Emily has lost the ability to go against you now, she’s abnormal. Xyla, no matter what grudges you bore against her, just let go of them, do that for me, can you?” He con

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