Chapter 339

Xyla Quest stroked her hair awkwardly. She gathered all her courage to meet Stanley Batton’s eyes and said, “Of course I’m worried about you. We’re still working together, you see. It will be very troublesome to me if anything were to happen to you.” “Oh? Is that what this is all about?” Stanley’s eyes were full of suspicion. “And…And we’re friends. I don’t want my friend to get into any trouble.” “And?” Stanley continued to ask calmly. “That’s all…” Xyla answered. “Oh.” “Look, you’ve helped me a lot. It’s unsurprising that I care about you,” she added. “Oh.” Stanley looked deeply into her eyes, the corner of his lips was still curving upwards. For some reason, Xyla always felt that his eyes were able to see through her, he seemed to know what she was thinking deep in her heart. She began to tense up inexplicably. She could not explain why she felt so nervous. And her heartbeat was accelerating, too. “You should lie down and rest well in your bed even if you’re worried

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