Chapter 334

“Alright, this case is clear enough, it was you who set Young Master Thomson up and framed him on purpose.” “Someone bring this guy downstairs to fill in his particulars and just lock him up straightaway.” The superintendent looked at Stanley Batton indifferently. He looked confident and determined, he no longer had the mood of continuing the investigation. He thought that the truth was not that important. The most important thing was that Fred Thomson could not be messed around with. In this situation, he could only sacrifice the ordinary person in front of him and protect Fred. Looking at the person right in front of him, Stanley’s face was getting colder and colder, the flame in his heart was burning with rage. Fred was happy and he curved up his lips after he heard that. He slowly stood up and squinted at Stanley. “Just wait for your imprisonment… Not to mention that I did not touch you today, even if I really did, what can you do?” “Tell me, why did you do that? Hmm? The

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