Chapter 332

Stanley Batton raised his arm, lifted his cup and invited him for a clink. Fred Thomson immediately took his cup and clinked it with his. “Me too.” Then, he naturally drank a sip of water. Stanley casually glanced at his Adam’s apple that was moving up and down. Then, he brought the cup to his lips and pretended to drink water. Fred saw that and smiled with satisfaction. He only needed a sip of this water, there was no need for too much of it. Stanley slowly moved the cup away from his lips. He held the cup with both of his hands and looked at him. “What is the television series that you were talking about?”   Fred said, “Oh… A period drama.” After he finished his sentence, Fred started to feel his whole body burning and getting weaker... A strong and familiar desire aroused in his body. This feeling was too similar to yesterday’s. The most terrifying thing was that his desire seemed stronger than yesterday. He immediately sensed something wrong. He put on an icy look

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