Chapter 330

The person addressed himself as ‘Y’.   Georgie Clemetine pressed the ‘Accept’ button on the request as usual before lowering her head and dug into the food. Right around that time, ring ring… The Wechat notification rang again.   That person sent her a message. “I’m Henry, has all the food arrived yet? Girl, do you like them?” Georgie was shocked in her heart. She did not expect him to get his hands on her Wechat number.   She knew that Xyla Quest would never simply give others her Wechat number. “Where did you get my Wechat number from?” Georgie asked. “I asked my friends for help.” “...” After that, she made a rough estimation of the price for the dinner and transferred the money to him. “No, girl. What do you mean? Are you trying to be my ‘sugar mummy’? For this little amount of money, it doesn’t seem enough though.” Henry retorted. “Stop flirting, this is for dinner.” Georgie snapped back at Henry’s argument. She did not like to owe people. Especially for people like H

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